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Company Profile

Power Up Lubricants (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or formerly known as Hua Hai (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a distributor of Power Up products – lubricating oil and grease.

Since 1992 as a milestone, we ventured into Thailand as a sole agency under our mother company Power Up Lubricants Inc. or Maryn International, Ltd. based in Canada.

Then in the year 2000, we acquired TCL products to expand our business into specialty TCL Grease and Spray. This subsidiary operates a chemical blending plant providing advanced lubricants together with the power up technology.
The development of Power Up and TCL products line stems, formed years of laboratory research and field testing which has resulted in a family of oils meeting advanced standards of performance in automotive, industrial and marine applications.
Power Up and TCL products are backed by a comprehensive engineering program. It starts with the selection of optimum lubricant for your operating requirements, continues with dependable experienced advice and then results in maximum equipment operating life.

With a complete range of greases and specialty lubricant products for all industrial applications, we are rightly proud of our historic position at the forefront of technological progress within the global lubricants market.