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With more than 20 years experience ,very glad to say that we are new manufacturer of super high performance commercial engine oil and industrial hydraulic and gear oil, also grease, provide you competitive price and best goods, especially for developing country Myanmar ,Cambodia and Lao.

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Product Information

TCL-HT GREASE NON-MELT SYNTHETIC GREASE is a High Temperature bearing grease, formulated with highly refined, synthetically fortified fluids, combined with various sub-micron sized metallic particles in a colloidal suspension, compounded into solid grease by using only the finest saponifiers, and then plus power up technology.

TCL-HT Grease is formulated in such a manner that it will not form hard carbon deposits and will actually help remove and eliminate both rust and corrosion. Because of the synthetic and power up additives that are blended into this product, TCL-HT Grease will not bleed or run off due to extreme pressure and or high temperatures. It is highly recommended for any type of oven or other high temperature application. It is also extremely WATER RESISTANT and is recommended for bearings on machinery that is working in wet conditions or exposed to large amounts of water.

Typical Specifications
N.L.G.I. Consistency:
Worked Penetration @77oF.
ASTM D-217 Method: 60 Strokes:
10,000 Strokes:
Melting Point: oF MIN : ASTM D-566:
Oxidation Stability: ASTM D-942:
Resistance to Water:
Wear Resistance:
Pump ability Year Round:
Working Temperature Rang: oF
Extreme Pressure D2509
Oil Viscosity @ 210oF., SUS:
Grade #2
Will Not Melt
0o to 1100oF

The above are Typical Specifications and are subject to usual manufacturing tolerances. TCL-HT Grease is not responsible for misuse or misapplication of our products.